Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A newborn boy found dumped in a rubbish bag !!!

Alerted by a baby's cries, two waste collectors discovered a newborn boy in a trash bag under a bridge in central Amman on Monday, in the second such incident in two months, an official said.

"The baby boy was naked and shivering because it was very cold in the morning when the two men found him under the Abdoun bridge," Omar Abbadi of the Greater Amman Municipality told state-run Petra news agency.

"He was crying and the color of his body was blue. The incident was the second in two months.

"Police spokesman Bashir Daajah said the baby was taken to the al-Bashir public hospital for medical examination, and investigators were searching for his parents.



  1. Qwaider: I don't know...

    Qabbani: :(

  2. really so sad to hear that happening more than one time .. :(
    allah yehdeehom !!!


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