Monday, January 31, 2011


Sometimes I wish that my post wasn't read by people I know...
Sometimes I wish I can write out How I feel inside ...


  1. im with u in this! there are times i feel like i wana write anything that i want but i know people are watching me :(


  2. we all want to write everything made us sad . but we can't :(

  3. thanx Farsilla & White Freedom.. for visiting my Small blog site..

  4. Yes!! I know how you feel. I think we should start a blog and not make friends with anyone. :) Thats a good idea.....then we can just write about whatever... ;)

  5. Or write our feelings on a private diary, just to let the words flow. As I know sometimes we need it and it makes us feel better.
    With you by heart.

  6. Daisy, I agree with u, along with a completely new nickname that no one can know :)

    Marie, I already have one :)

    Thnx for ur coments Ladies :)

  7. Then you should find secret doors to express them:) There is power in writing - it not only relieves you of your state of mind/heart but it also allows you to express your feelings not necessarily in the way it happens but rather expressed through another. Understand?

    ...or you can always start a second blog that is hidden and just for you where you write about what you want...


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