Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yahoo msn...

I have a problem With yahoo msn, I have some email addresses which may be added by fault, I deleted them then I used the step of ignoring anyone who is not on my Messenger List in the privacy options, but the problem Is that when our pc gets formatted and we re-installed the messenger and signed in again as online I get offline msgs from the addresses I deleted. The same prob. appear when I singed in from any other pc. What shall I do?!!!

Another question; if there is no solution of getting rid of that prob.; can I stop my account on yahoo and open another ID!!
Can anyone be able to steal my previous ID as a new one for him/her and gets all my emails and contacts list? !
If nobody did it can I regain my ancient ID with no problems of messenger!!


  1. Create A New account w ray7y rask

    bas b3t2d eno t3mly ignore b3dha delete heek a7sn 7l :D


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