Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's been so long that I didn't write here.. I really miss my blog.
well, for the past months I've been very busy..
I got married in June, we went to sharm Al-Sheikh (our honeymoon) for a week, it was very beautiful. and we left Amman in July directed to Saudi Arabia .

Now we're living in Jeddah, its 1 hour far from Mekkah by car so we went the blessed journey there last month and we did umrah it was the 1st time for me but the 2nd time for my husband ( may Allah accept it) really it was amazing which words really can't describe and may Allah gives us all the chance to go the blessed trip again and again.

life in Jeddah is very nice I like the shopping here, but I miss my family soo much and I miss Amman.

I spend a lot of my time at home on TV, Internet and playing games specially (luxor 2) we (my Husband and I) became addicted to this game we spent 1 month on level (7) and we didn't finish it till now, everytime the game is over in the part 6 of this level

I tried to keep in touch with my closed friends on facebook from time to time, I like the competitive games there.

I'll find the time to post some more subjects but for now I just wanna see some blogs of friends.


  1. Alf mabrook

    and welcome back to our world

    and since u are in ksa, i expect too much posts u know;)

  2. alf mabrook GG , tithanni ya rub ..
    tc mwaaa

  3. Qwaider and dandooneh; thnx a lot for ur comment o allah ebarek feekom enshallah. thnx again.

    مياسي thnx a lot dear for ur comment, and welcome to my blog. inshallah i'll post more as i miss Jordan sooo much :)

  4. Welcome back :)

    luxor 2 hhmm come on its easy :D

    shedi 7elak :)

    Jeddah is cool place , tethanio :)

  5. Welcome Back :D
    w alf mabrook elzawaj w el3omrah

    Welcome to ksa :)


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